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Our firm understands how important it is for medical providers to  maximize recovery on third-party liability claims in today’s day and age. Our firm’s principal, Jay Umansky has been one of the leading  experts in this field for over thirty years.   Lien statutes and the corresponding settlement calculations can be complicated.   Our attorneys and staff have the knowledge and expertise to maximize your recovery on all third party liability claims throughout Missouri and Illinois.  Personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters are much more inclined to comply directly with the statutes when there are attorneys like Mr. Umansky and Mr. Babitz representing the interests of the lien holders.   Litigation can take years, but our unique technology insures that we are constantly monitoring the status of claims with the patient’s attorneys and providing those updates to our clients.  Our office can provide assistance with these difficult third party liability claims so that our clients can better focus on the day to day operations of their patient accounts department.  

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