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Our firm’s principal, Jay B. Umansky, has over thirty five years of experience representing creditors from every facet of the business community.

What sets us apart is a combination of litigation and practical negotiating and economic expertise.  Our firm’s combination of wide-ranging commercial/business litigation and financial experience provides direct, tangible and significant benefits to our clients. We utilize effective pre- and post-litigation strategies.  WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE OUR CLIENTS THROW GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD.  Winning a lawsuit can be a hollow victory.  Therefore, we approach litigation by first analyzing the prospects of success, litigation costs, and the strategies that might be employed by an adversary before, during and after conclusion of the dispute.

With that ongoing analysis, we recommend and employ tactics to place our clients in the best position to realize the benefits of a successful result and to equally respond to any adverse ruling. We are able to effectively evaluate the collectability of judgments once obtained. We have been extremely successful in crafting settlement concepts beneficial to our clients at the earliest stage possible to reduce litigation costs. Our settlement recommendations not only give consideration to the merits of a case, but also to the economic and practical ramifications involved in the litigation process.

As recently as twenty years ago the receivable needs of healthcare providers meant primarily looking to patients to collect balances due the physician or facility.  Over time, those needs have changed dramatically and our expertise has shifted as well.  Today we have the unique ability to handle the complex needs facing even the largest medical providers in dealing with workers compensation, third party liability, difficult insurance disputes as well as large self-pay claims.

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